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Toot Hill Sixth Form College Students' Union is dedicated to providing improved representation and say to our student body. Each year our application process chooses the best candidates to assume a position within the Union, and coordinate different aspects of the college. The main priority of the Student Union is to organise specific events, provide students with increased representation, and to attain strong links within the local community. Each officer provides a detailed overview of the specific qualities we want in our college. Foremost is the Well-being Officer who coordinates with the College pastoral team to attain the best possible mental health support that we can offer to students. Each year the Students' Union will take a leading role in the College and provide the entire student body with improved representation and increased participation.


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Meet the Team

Meet The Team | Toot Hill College Student Union


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The College Advisor

Mr Waterland

During the period when Mr Waterland was a Governor of Toot Hill School, he introduced and set up The College Students’ Union. Since then, he has been a consistent Advisor to our Students’ Union. He regularly attends the Unions’ meetings as an observer when he is able to offer advice and support if needed.

A major role Mr Waterland plays as College Advisor is helping students when they are preparing their applications for university through the UCAS process. He offers individual help to students with the writing of their Personal Statements during his Open Door sessions. Here students can pop in to the UCAS Office without an appointment for his help proof-reading their Personal Statements. He also provides 2 or 3 after-hours ‘Personal Statement Workshops’ for groups of up to 24 students. Another very important contribution is his provision of face-to-face Practice Interviews for all students whether they are applying for university or an apprenticeship. (During the Academic Year 2019-2020, before the pandemic restrictions, he interviewed about 110 students)

Mr Waterland also provides general support during his Open Door sessions for students who have other matters or issues they wish to discuss.

Welcome to the Student Voice

Who are the Student Voice?

We are a group of Year 12 representatives here to help make changes to the College and represent the pupils thoughts and needs. We work alongside the Student Union in helping improve the college and the local community.


Student Voice Activities

Current Events

How can you help?

It is important that the college community assist the Student Union with the activities we host. All are either for charity or for the betterment of the college.

Here are some links for charity organisations and ways you can help them now:

    Subject Societies

    What are Subject Societies?

    The 'subject societies' are a chance for all students to engage and meet with peers who share a common passion for their subjects. All subjects will have the opportunity to create one, and both Yr12s and Yr13s are welcome. We aim to help students engage in wider reading and enhance all our cultural capitals. It will be the perfect time to share students' favorite podcasts, articles or webinars that they have come across and find useful in their own studies.

    Why do we have them?

    Our subject societies are here to help give all students the chance to gain significant experience is debating and exploring their passion for the subject. This skill and flair for the subject is not only praised by universities and future employers for suggesting enthusiasm and can showcase your charm and suitability for whatever it is you wish to pursue, but it also provides a holistic skillset that is highly valued in many job sectors.

    What can they offer me?

    The group work encouraged by the societies will offer a taste of a university environment by recreating the type of societies that many universities offer, further preparing all students for the working world and diverse work environments. All the societies offer their own unique and individual opportunities for all students, it's up to you to choose! These include yet are not limited by the chance for Yr12s to converse with Yr13s about their recent works and seek advice from students with experience about the course and even the opportunity to gain valuable and favourable experience for CVs and/or personal statements.

    Let's Start The Conversation

    What is "Let's Start the Conversation"?

    This is a movement the SU has developed to normalise anxious thoughts surrounding things like exams, isolation, feeling alone, the future or any other unpleasant emotions during this tough time. The aim is to encourage conversations with friends, a teacher or family. These tricky subjects can be drawn out of the depths of our brains and spoken about honestly and shamelessly in a relaxed environment, simply starting with the question...

    How are you?

    How we are here to help?

    We hope that by starting the conversation, it will ensure every student feels accepted and that they can talk to those around them about anything they wish to. Equally, we will continue our weekly tutor periods on mental health support on Wednesdays, which will include resources and support networks you can join. On our website there is a Feelings Box where you anonymously can enter any worries you may have, these will then be read by Shelly, or another member of our team.


    Careers and Destinations

    Careers and Destinations at Toot Hill College

    Toot Hill College provides a wide bank of resources for students to use to enrich their learning and future potential.

    One way of encouraging confidence and more knowledge in the field a student wants to go into is via the various work experience opportunites the college has found. These opportunities vary across a wide range of the subjects that the college offers. Students are encouraged to carry out some time in work experience to strengthen their knowledge in the potential field they want to work in in the future.

    The College has a collection of resources of future opportunites for students. These are ranging from Apprenticeships to University. The UCAS service is used to allow students to apply for these opportunities. UCAS Applications are managed by Mr Lawrence where he supervises the application process and helps students with their Personal Statements. Mr Waterland provides further support for Personal Statements and mock interviews for Oxbridge and other Universities.

    The College is very proud of its Alumni. These are students who have done well in particular in the career paths they have chosen which have come from various higher educational opportunities. On the 'Alumni' page there is a collection of these students that the College is very proud of.

    Apprenticeships and Work Experience

    Work Experience

    These are a wide variety of work experience opportunities for our students to take part in. Below are some current work experience opportunities that students can take part in.


    Alongside going to University, Apprenticeships provide a chance for a student leaving college to receive on-the-job training while earning a qualification.


    What does Toot Hill College do for UCAS?

    The College provides aid for students who are undergoing the UCAS journey. There are booster sessions available for students to help with their personal statement and the rest of their UCAS application.

    Mr Lawrence provides sessions for early entry candidates and extra help for these students meeting the early deadline they have to meet. Alongside this, he proof-reads all personal statements and ensures they are the highest of quality.

    Mr Waterland provides booster sessions for students with their Personal Statements and interview practice as well.

    Below are some UCAS Stories from our students:


    The Student Union Calender


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